Junkyard Critters began  as a way for me to recycle junk and have fun doing it. All of the critters were conceived in the junkyard, dumpster, and sometimes along side the road. Their little parts are brought to my shop here in Boone NC where they are then born into a variety of funny little animals. Each is different and unique as are their parts and personalities.
These little critters are made one-by-one and are not massed produced in any way as it would detract from their character and poses. Many of the dogs are modeled after our four dogs and previous dogs we've had over the years. Other Junkyard Critters are charicatures of wildlife and domestic animals.
If you like what you see and would like to adopt a Junkyard Critter, you may email me and tell me which one you like. I have more critters not listed on the website and hope to have them posted here soon. Please feel free to contact me about how they are made or any other questions. You may also see these critters at my gallery in Boone.

Bill Moore

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